A Simple Prayer, A Changed Life | Matthew 5:6 |

I’ll never forget when my struggle came to an end. With so many theories and opinions spinning around in my mind I finally blurted out a prayer that changed my life forever. “God, if you’re real, I’ve got to have some help. Do something with my life.”  Interestingly enough, it was just that simple. I hadn’t quoted long passages of scripture or helped a bunch of old ladies across the street, I just prayed an honest prayer from my heart.” Read More

Good Things, Unexpected Things, And The Beginning Of A New Year |

1-Corinthians 2-9-10

Though I’m no prophet, I believe 2019 is going to bring some amazing things; some extravagant things, some unexpected things, some things that God Himself has ordered on our behalf and already put into motion. I think all He’s waiting for, is for us to open our hearts and minds to receive it. Read More

Christmas, Guitars and the Blessing of Having God with Us | Remembering the Ones You Love |

Matthew 1:21

Years ago, I bought a guitar for my daughter for Christmas. She’s in heaven now, but the guitar is still with us. Actually, a while back, I passed it on to my son, her only brother. He had forgotten that I still had it. When I saw him starting to take an interest in playing the guitar, the thought occurred to me that having that guitar might mean more to him than owning a more… Read More

Answering The Call | Helping Others in Need |

1 John 3:17-18

The elevator came to a sudden stop. The only problem was it was between floors. Ironically, I had just been examining the escape hatch when the sudden stop occurred. “How does a person even reach it,” I remember thinking; well perhaps I was getting ready to find out. After pushing all the normal buttons to no avail, I finally decided to pick up the emergency phone, that as a kid I was told never to… Read More

Bright Lights, Rearview Mirrors, and Putting Things in Perspective | Freedom Flooding My Soul |

Philippians 3:13-14

Normally it wouldn’t have bothered me much. For some reason on this particular day, it did. Like a one-eyed monster, the car behind me with its high beams on was obnoxious, to say the least. I don’t know if it was because I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet, or because he was so close, but the crooked glaring light poking at my attitude through my rear view mirror was beginning to wear on me.… Read More

I Once Was Blind But Now I See | His Amazing Grace |

Amazing Grace

The door swung open to a place we had never been before. Much to our surprise, we had stumbled upon a house having some kind of dinner party. The middle-aged man that answered the door was quite amused by my sister and me, as we stood before him with our eyes tightly closed each holding a small coffee can in our hand. “Money for the blind,” we said, expecting that our closed eyes framed by… Read More

Looking At Things From God’s Perspective | God’s Plan |

John 13:35

There it sat on my desk − that monthly letter inviting me to the local ministers association. Though the story I’m about to tell you happened many years ago, the lesson I learned changed my life forever.  I can still hear the words of my friend giving me advice when I first started pastoring here in this community. “Don’t waste your time with the local ministers association,” he had told me. “You’ve got your own… Read More

Lifeboats, Cruises, And Knowing The Drill

John 3:16

Down the stairs, over the steel threshold, and out the double doors we stepped. As we did, the balmy air and ocean breeze began peeling layers of fatigue off our lives. We were on vacation. Though landing on a cruise ship was not our pick, our daughter and son-in-law had invited us. For us, being with them made it one of the most beautiful places we could possibly be. Now I had no idea just… Read More