Sharing A Blanket Of Love

Matthew 5:7
Matthew 5:7

Blessed are the merciful: For they shall obtain mercy. – Matthew 5:7

“No,” cried the young Eskimo boy. “Don’t go Grandpa, I’ll take care of you,” he said as he wrapped his small arms tightly around Grandpa’s waist.

“It will be alright Kaya,” the grandfather replied; it’s my time.”

“No,” Kaya wailed, “I won’t let you go.”

“Ok that’s enough,” Kaya’s father interrupted. “Let grandpa go right now.”

“No,” Kaya protested again as he tightened his squeeze in one last attempt to keep Grandpa from walking out into the frigid nighttime air.

Though Kaya, normally a very obedient child, wanted to obey his father, the idea of his grandfather being sent out on his own to die was more than he could bear.

“Alright,” his father said trying to show no emotion, “go to your room right now; I won’t have any more of this.”

As His father made his way toward him, Kaya broke into tears and ran off. Without a word, Grandpa turned and began the traditional end of life walk into the freezing arctic night.

As the father watched both his son and dad head off in different directions, he found himself all alone.

“One day he’ll understand”, the father said, as he rehearsed all the reasons they still observed the ancient custom.

After giving Kaya time to settle down, the father made his way to where he was. There on his bed quiet and staring off into space he lay.

“I know it’s hard for you,” the father said breaking the silence, “but grandpa is old and no longer able to contribute to our community. You’re just going to have to trust me on this one,” he said as he began to walk away, not realizing what was now going on inside of Kaya’s heart and mind.

After some time had passed and Kaya had not yet emerged from his room, his father decided to check up on him. To his surprise, Kaya was no longer on his bed but on the floor and in the process of cutting his favorite blanket in half.

“What on earth are you doing?” his father asked puzzled and upset.

“Well,” Kaya replied, “I thought if Grandpa is going to be all alone to die in the cold the least I could do is bring him a blanket.”

“I don’t get it,” the father said, “Why are you cutting it in half?”

“I want to be sure and save a piece for you for whenever it’s your time,” Kaya replied as he bowed his head and went back to cutting.

Though this story may seem distant and unrelated to our particular time and social customs, I find its message universal. Whether it’s the elderly or those in the womb, the handicapped, or the poor, the Bible is by no means silent on the tremendous value of each human life. A value, by the way, not determined by social status or income, physical strength or good looks, intellect or ability to make a significant contribution to society; but rather on the fact that each one of us has been made in the image and likeness of God Himself.

Though somewhat of a mystery, when we show love and compassion for one another we are showing love for God. Interesting enough, the way we treat others in their time of need is the same way we can expect to be treated in ours.

I leave you with the words of Jesus found in Matthews Gospel chapter 5:7 “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.”

Pastor R. Goyette
Living Waters World Outreach Center