Bombs, Blessings, And Remembering To Give Thanks

2 Corinthians 9:11

The earth shook as another round of explosions sought to hold them back. That, however, wasn’t about to happen. They were Marines. Unfortunately, even if they had wanted to turn back, leaving was no longer an option. The naval ship that had dropped them off had pulled away due to a surprise attack from seven Japanese warships. The result, the Marines were stranded and without their supplies. The year was 1942 and the place, Guadalcanal.… Read More

Long Drives, Plants, and Remembering Life’s Important Stuff

Psalm 92:13

Lake City Florida. Nowadays it’s where my dad lives. After suffering a massive stroke some twelve years ago, he eventually landed there in the V.A. nursing home. Every couple of weeks my mom and I load up the van and head that way to take him out to lunch. His being there has been a bitter sweet thing.