Christmas, Guitars and the Blessing of Having God with Us | Remembering the Ones You Love |

Matthew 1:21

Years ago, I bought a guitar for my daughter for Christmas. She’s in heaven now, but the guitar is still with us. Actually, a while back, I passed it on to my son, her only brother. He had forgotten that I still had it. When I saw him starting to take an interest in playing the guitar, the thought occurred to me that having that guitar might mean more to him than owning a more… Read More

Sharing A Blanket Of Love

Matthew 5:7

“No,” cried the young Eskimo boy. “Don’t go Grandpa, I’ll take care of you,” he said as he wrapped his small arms tightly around Grandpa’s waist. “It will be alright Kaya,” the grandfather replied; it’s my time.” “No,” Kaya wailed, “I won’t let you go.”